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Record Play Productions provides videography and post production services at an
affordable price with uncompromising quality.
Capturing that special moment is what we do best and you deserve to relive the special
moments which are important to you on video. 

Feel the romance of your wedding day again, relive your joy as your child makes the first step, 
have fun again watching videos of the events close to your heart, your graduation day, the
company annual dinner, that anniversary party.
These are some of the occasions times that you will cherish and treasure.

We're in the business of keeping these memories for you, we do it with passion and with the right tools.

How will you re-ignite the magic of your life and take a walk down memory lane?
Well, all you have to do is take the first step with us.
Call us today for a non obligatory appointment and I am very sure you will be surprise
that is only a very small price to pay to preserve them.
VideoGrapher/ Editor : Eileen Nah